Former Washington Post columnist (retired in 2005) and Pulitzer Prize winner William Raspberry died today at the age of 76. Fellow journalists are mourning the loss.

More from The Washington Post:

Mr. Raspberry wrote an opinion column for The Post for nearly 40 years before retiring in 2005. More than 200 newspapers carried his syndicated columns, which were filtered through the prism of his experience growing up in the segregated South.

His writings were often provocative but seldom predictable. Although he considered himself a liberal, Mr. Raspberry often bucked many of the prevailing pieties of liberal orthodoxy. He favored integration but opposed busing children to achieve racial balance. He supported gun control but — during a time when the District seemed to be a free-fire zone for drug sellers — he could understand the impulse to shoot back.

Twitter users are putting politics aside to honor and remember the ground-breaking columnist.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Raspberry’s family and loved ones in their time of loss.