Whew! The most pressing debate of our time has finally bubbled to the surface.

That’s right; President Obama is on Team Thin Mints. We are only surprised that he didn’t tell Girl Scouts that they didn’t hoof it all over town to sell their cookies and raise money; someone else did that for them.

Still, is this a game changer?

But, wait! Not everyone is a fan of the Thin Mints, even though “Thin Mints” is now trending on Twitter.

Oh, my! When you’ve lost Media Matter’s Oliver Willis …

Others see Thin Mints as a code-word “dog whistle,” natch.

And “real journalists” are feeling the shame, for once.

Twitter user extraordinaire, Nathan Wurtzel, comes up with a whole new Girl Scout cookie for the Tax-lover in chief.


That’s a win right there. Another suggestion: Disappoint-Mints.

See? Game changer!