Obama not only outsourced the “recovery,” but he is now outsourcing his fundraising. As Twitchy reported earlier this month, President Fundraiser is trying to rake in the cash in (evil bank-y) Switzerland and France.

Now, he’s adding China to his fundraising outsourcing mix. No, really. China.

Wow. He wasn’t content with having our U.S. Olympic Team’s uniforms made in China?

Hey, what’s rampant human rights abuses when Obama’s re-election is at stake? Isn’t he all that matters? Obama has some sweet, sweet campaign dough to raise! President Obama once claimed that every time the U.S. and China meet, human rights comes up. Huh. Wonder if human rights will be brought up at the swanky fundraisers in China? Nah. Surely Joe Biden’s tactic of not wanting  to “second-guess China’s one-child policy” will be implemented. President Obama’s campaign coffers are paramount. Lives, shmives!