President Liar McLiarPants Obama stepped in it even more this week with the libelous and slanderous claims that Mitt Romney is a felon. Even The Washington Post was forced to admit it was a total lie and gave the president three Pinocchios. Of course, even though it was clearly an outrageous lie, the water-carriers couldn’t quite bring themselves to assign the full four Pinocchios.

Still, if you’ve lost The Washington Post, the lie has to be huge. As Twitchy reported yesterday, Mitt Romney is rightly demanding a retraction of the vile smear.

Further, Team Obama is bizarrely fixating on having Mitt Romney release more tax returns.

“Transparency” for thee, but not for me, as always! Citizens have had enough and are demanding the truth and telling the truth about President Obama. It used to be called “vetting.” You know, once again doing the job that the media refuse to do.

Of course, some on the Left just can’t help beclowning themselves.


Ha! That excuse has totally jumped the shark and is now a punchline.

It gives us the warm and fuzzies. They will never learn that new media and social networks can, and will, immediately debunk their lies and false narratives.

Indeed. That happens when the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

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