The horror. Oh, the horror. First, we all had to be exposed to her Elaine Benes-like  moves on the dance floor. Now this?

For real. At least she’s useful for something! More from The Atlantic:

When it comes to consuming news, I’m an insatiable beast. I am an insatiable newspaper reader, and now, of course, electronically, I can even have more opportunity, a bigger diet. In the morning it depends on where I am, and if I’m in San Francisco, which is my home, I get the papers there first thing: The [San Francisco] Chronicle and The New York Times. Beyond that, the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today would be part of what I would read on any given day. I don’t get them all at the house because I don’t want them piling up when I’m not there.

Of course. The Fishwrap of Record makes the “insatiable beast” cut.

Twitter users decided to hide their children, hide their wives; avert  your eyes!

Seriously. She wasn’t so “insatiable” when it came to reading a bill before passing it to find out what was in it.