In President Obama’s “post-racial” America, it must.

It was reported today that Wells Fargo is to pay $175 million in a settlement over claims of racial discrimination.

More from CBS:

The consent decree filed Thursday also requires Wells Fargo to establish a borrower assistance program that provides $50 million in direct payments for downpayment assistance to residents.

Wells Fargo was accused of routinely discriminating against qualifying African American and Hispanic borrowers by charging them higher fees or rates and improperly placing them in subprime loans between 2004 and 2009.

Twitter users, including author David Limbaugh, are questioning the accusations and subsequent settlement.

It is a pattern. Bank of America entered into a similar settlement, facing the same accusations, seven months ago.

The settlement with Wells comes seven months after Bank of America agreed to pay $335 million to settle similar allegations launched by the DoJ.

Prosecutors say Well Fargo engaged in systemic discrimination that resulted in more than 34,000 African Americans and Hispanic borrowers paying an increased rate for home loans.

Though Wells settled the claims it denied any wrong doing. “Wells Fargo is settling this matter because we believe it is in the best interest of our team members, customers, communities and investors to avoid a long and costly legal fight, and to instead devote our resources to continuing to contribute to the country’s housing recovery,” said Mike Heid, president of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

Yes. They don’t care about people; they care about using them only.

Yes. The city of Baltimore used such race-hustling tactics against Wells Fargo as well.

That is what happens when the race card is used in conjunction with passing the buck and blame-gaming. It is ultimately, and perpetually, detrimental to minorities.

And they are trying to do that again. They cycle of dependency and enslavement by the Left continues.

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