Snooty-snoot, much?

As Twitchy reported last month, Dianna Agron was among a group of Hollywood supporters who met President Obama as part of his “Young America Effort” campaign. Not only are these stars noted green energy experts, but they talked “typical young American” stuff with President Obama. Man of the people thinks that these are typical young Americans?

Let’s take a further look at Ms. Agron’s “typical young American” life.

Gonna miss you tonight Mr. Viti, but will be wearing your shoes in honor of you. Remember our Four Seasons dinner & closing out the restaurant? With their crazy pink fluffy specialty? 

Ah, the Four Seasons! Most typical young Americans head there instead of Taco Bell. Right before they jet off for a “whimsical” evening at Louis Vuitton.

Unless they are dumb rubes, natch.

Hey, it’s not like she’s on a dreaded jet ski or something. Just a fancy pants Kennedy-esque boat and all. Totally typical!

No wonder President “Man of the 1 percent people” Obama outraised Mitt Romney in the oh-so-evil Hamptons. Richie-Richers are his “homeboys.

And girls.

Once again, the lame class warfare nonsense of the Left only results in exposing their own staggering hypocrisy. Who is out of touch again?