Liberals aren’t the brightest EPA-compliant bulbs in the box, so they have been playing the Hampton donor game. And playing. And playing. Bless their little hearts! But, wait: What’s this?

Well, well. What will they do now? How can they cue the ominous music at the mere mention of The Hamptons ™ if The One is beach raking in all the cash?

More from Washington Examiner:

You’ll hear plenty this week about Mitt Romney raising money in the Hamptons, and so I thought it was worth putting things in perspective. According to data from the Center for Responsive Politics, Romney has reported $119,550 from the 13 zip codes that count as The Hamptons according to Wikipedia. Obama has raised $165,867.

Oh, dear. That doesn’t suit the narrative now, does it? Of course, that doesn’t stop the hypocrisy and outright shameless statements.

Oh, our sides! What about Obama’s Hamptons buddies? And his Hollywood minions?

Twitter users are amused by this turn of events and point out even more hypocrisy and idiocy.

Ah, the #KochParty. That was yet another failed attempt by the Left. Even after trying to froth up outrageous outrage over Romney’s fundraiser in the Hamptons, they couldn’t manage to muster up much of a protest. Tens attended. TENS.

Bingo. Plus, how can he wage class warfare if he and his buddies are the “1 percent?” Talk about self-loathing!

Can’t he just finish his Belgian waffle with a side of snooty-snoot caviar?