All is right with the world … when a convicted rapist is trending as a lovable buffoon?

Bravo had Mike Tyson on as a guest on “Watch What Happens Live” last night. It turns out that the ear-eater and rapist is a huge fan of “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

He’s just a giggle machine! Or something.

Last night on the show, Mike Tyson compared himself to RHONJ’s The Giudices; bankruptcy is awesome and hilarious, you see. You can still live in a mansion and buy tons of stuff, even while stiffing your creditors!

Mike Tyson tweeted out photos from his reprehensible swoon-fest all night.

And Bravo and its fans continued to laud him as a cool super fan.

Um. Delight is the wrong word. Perhaps she meant “disgust.”

Other Twitter users and Bravo fans weren’t so enamored of the convicted rapist.

Indeed. Not a smart move, Bravo and “Watch What Happens Live.” Nice moral bankruptcy you have there. Y’all are always up-in-arms about “bullying.” But raping is A-Okay?

Maybe it is time to give yourselves your coveted “Jackhole of the Week” award.

Update: Wow, Caroline. Really?

He’s a rapist.

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