Twitter makes everything better. Users have been watching Wimbledon and the camaraderie of tweeting the event is making it more exciting. And snarky, of course.

Piers Morgan and Perez Hilton (in London for the Wireless Festival) get in on the action.

Actress Emma Watson tweets breathlessly.

Bravo stars also watch via Twitter.

More important than the match between Federer and Murray? Why, Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa, of course!

And, Twitter delivers!

Some, like Tiger Woods, are actually watching the match, however.

Or maybe it’s Kate and Pippa?

Oh, dear. Twitchy will bring you all the wrap-up action, if the match ever ends!

Update: Federer wins.


Aha! It’s sporty thing talk:

Congratulations, Roger Federer!

And congratulations to Murray for a hard-fought and well-played match.

This Twitter user leaves us with the final word: