Yeah, he did. Nanny Bloomberg took the day off from harassing people over what size sodas they drink. Today, he instead decided to despicably use an injured police officer to further his own political agenda.

Reprehensible, Mr. Mayor. Care to explain to Officer Groves and his family, including his small children, why you are using him, in a gross attempt to score political points, while he is lying in a hospital bed?

From Bloomberg’s full statement:

“The members of the Continental Congress didn’t rest on their laurels. They got down to business and did what needed to be done back in those days. If only the Members of our Congress today – and all of Washington – were remotely as industrious.
“Instead of taking action on the most serious problems head on, instead of doing something to stem the wash of illegal guns over the streets of every city and town in our country, we have paralyzing squabbling and gridlock that may be worse than any other period in our nation’s history.

“Actions have consequences. Inaction has consequences as well. And today we see the results again of Washington’s allergy to doing anything, no matter how small, to help keep our streets safe.

“And I will say it is made worse yet by judges here in New York City that appear bound and determined to do everything possible to handcuff our police officers and stop them from doing their jobs, and making all of us less safe by doing so.

“Another shot police officer. Another family at a hospital. Officer Brian Groves was saved because of his vest this morning. Thank God for that, because there are few people that are protecting him. We are some of them, but the judges on the bench and the people in Washington are certainly not among that group.”

Contemptible, Mayor Bloomberg.

Citizens let Mayor Bloomberg know how disgusted they are that he is using an injured officer to push his own political agenda and to pat himself on the back. They also attempt to teach him a lesson about reality.

This isn’t the first time that he has taken to Twitter to push for gun control. But it is the most revolting time. Try to find a moral compass somewhere, Mayor Bloomberg.