Ha! Others from across the pond also took to Twitter to send their best wishes to Americans on Independence Day.

Mr. Hannan also penned a wonderful piece for The Telegraph.

From The Telegraph article:

Thomas Jefferson, whose bust stares at me as I write this blog, had wanted to include a touching phrase in the Declaration, but his fellow authors excised it: “We might have been a great and free people together”. Indeed. Everything I have done in politics has been an attempt to apply Jeffersonian principles to British political conditions. Decisions should be taken as closely as possible to those they affect, and decision-makers made accountable through the ballot box. Everything else – autonomous local councils, referendums, recall procedures, tax cuts, withdrawal from the EU, elected sheriffs, the Great Repeal Bill – follows from those two simple precepts.

It is time to bring back to the mother country the ideology that inspiredthe most sublime constitution devised by human intelligence. It is time, in short, to repatriate our revolution.

Even a royal parody account got in on the action.

Celebrities also use their Twitter accounts to celebrate the 4th of July.


Snoop Dogg, of course, “celebrates” hard.

Oh, dear.

And politicians share their thoughts on this day.


Happy Independence Day everyone! We at Twitchy wish everyone the best as we honor this day.

Freedom. Cherish and honor it, always.