Oh, dear. She is beyond bless your heart-y. Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on “Meet the Press” to discuss the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare. You know, the one where they ruled the mandate is a tax? After some “new tone” gloating like “It’s constitutional, bitches,” the Left has since been frantically trying to spin away the tax angle. And have failed, miserably.

After reaching new lows a few days ago when glorifying Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi also hopped aboard the ‘it’s a tax, but not a tax. Because, shaddup, shaddup, shaddup” train. She took the failing to an epically idiotic level. Even sadder: Her interview was pre-recorded and wasn’t even off the cuff!

The fail is strong in this one.

Looks like Sarah Palin was right, yet again!

Whatever! Words shmords! So much for that whole “words matter” thing.

The press helps her.

Or do they?

Wow. When you’ve lost David Gregory, times are tough.

There is a plus side to all this, of course.