President Obama took a quick break from the links today to issue a statement on the Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona’s immigration law. Evidently, he forgot about that whole we shouldn’t “demagogue a national problem” like immigration reform thing. Shameless hypocrisy, yet again. You see, President Obama was quick to grossly pull out the race card and, you know, demagogue the issue in his statement.

The “cloud of suspicion” because of “what they look like.”  You mean, like #forkgate, Mr. President?

That doesn’t fit a false narrative, sillies! Common sense is hard.

Instead, President Obama is using demagoguery in tandem with fear tactics in order to politicize an issue to further his own agenda. Again. It’s just like the deplorable statement he made when Arizona’s law was first passed.  Back then, President Obama made the “gutsy call” to try to tell people that they’d be scooped up and whisked away, all willy-nilly, when out getting ice cream with their children.

But, racist! And clouds of suspicion and such!

Exactly. This wouldn’t even be an issue if the federal government was doing its job; protecting our borders and not leaving states to fend for themselves with far more limited resources. Worse, the federal government falls down on the job and then the holier-than-thou Obama administration sues them for passing a law made necessary by the federal government’s failure. While happily demonizing them and labeling them racists.

It is not racist. No one is being targeted for what they look like. Any “cloud” is a cloud formed by committing an illegal act; entering this country illegally!

No one is anti-immigrant. This is an outright lie that the Left contemptibly tries to push. Non-liars know that there is a difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration. For a Harvard graduate, President Obama doesn’t have a great grasp of words nor their meaning. Intellectual honesty is not his strong suit. Frankly, we don’t know what is, besides frittering time away on the golf course. What an accomplishment!

Indeed. Your demagoguery attempts are failing, champ.