Ah, Brad Woodhouse, the Democratic National Committee’s prone-to-meltdowns communication director, is at it again. Last night, he entered full panic-stricken crazy town mode and was fanatically retweeting all the tweets of a new user, @RomneyRetreat. A super secret and shady (only totally not secret nor shady) meeting was being held! Cue the scary music, reserved only for the horror of … Republicans. Hide your children, hide your wives!

More like looking for lies on the ground.

Our sides are never going to last through November. Oh, the aching! Sad, little Brad does not even seem to have the self-awareness to realize how absurd it is for him to complain about swanky cars and such. Although, to be fair, these cars weren’t snarling up traffic for citizens. Nor were they ferrying oh-so-cool celebrities to fancy pants $40,000 per plate dinners with President Obama. That hobnobbing with rich folks is totally fine. Remember, super-rich celebrities are noted experts on everything and are “arbiters of the country’s direction.” They are probably just middle-class and all. They are also probably “doing just fine.

Hmm. But why was Mr. Woodhouse so willing to compulsively retweet everything tweeted by a brand new and unknown account?

Surprise, surprise!

He continued the pathetic and attempted smear-based obsession all night.

Then Woodhouse continued to push the tweets as if factual all day today.

All. Day. Long.

He liked that one so much, he tweeted it twice. Hey, Brad, what’s a definition of insanity again? Oh, yeah, repeating the same things over and over, yet expecting different results. Insanity, thy name is Woodhouse.

And, of course Melanie Roussell, press secretary for the DNC joined in. She’s never met a meltdown that she didn’t love!

OR, you know, check out these tweets for lies.

More from BuzzFeed:

The grainy photo was posted to Twitter by @RomneyRetreat — a feed that was apparently created by a Democratic operative or activist to chronicle the goings-on at the Republican confab — and shows three men sitting together. The Tweeter identified them as Charlie Spies, treasurer of pro-Romney SuperPAC Restore Our Future, Don Stirling, a former Romney adviser now working for Restore Our Future, and Romney campaign finance director Spencer Zwick.

Brittany Gross, a spokesperson for Restore Our Future, confirmed that Spies and Sterling were in the photo, but said Zwick was not. The denial was echoed by the Romney campaign and Zwick himself — who said he wasn’t even aware Spies was at the retreat.

“That picture is not me,” Zwick said. “I did not see Charlie Spies at our retreat… Would be nice for people to not assume a picture is me when it’s clearly not.”

Ms. Roussell then obsessively retweeted numerous tweets by smear-machine @RomneyRetreat. The DNC’s new media director also spread the smear.

And Hilary Rosen, of course, had to jump in to once again announce her foolishness to all the world.

Bless your hearts, DNC tools and your stooge friends.

At first we thought Mr. Woodhouse was hysterically retweeting every tweet because he was super jealous that more people showed up at a private retreat than show up for the DNC’s pitiful “Romney Roadshow” events. Now we know it’s just because he’s a big, old, sneaky liar with nothing to go on but attempted smears. Wow. Obama’s campaign is “doing just fine,” huh?

Nice try, cupcake. We can see November from your panic.

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