But, wait. Does it even get snowy or icy anymore, what with the global warming and all? Curious!

Fearless! He bravely … brushed snow off of a car. Likely a super swanky car. Man of the people! Even sadder? This is supposed to be some big enticement to cough over big bucks to President Obama’s campaign. No, really. Wow, that’s really scraping, or shoveling, the bottom of the barrel.

More from The Examiner:

“Fly out to meet us,” reads the subject of the Obama campaign’s latest email featuring Michelle Obama.

“For the first 10 years of our marriage, Barack and I lived in an apartment in my hometown of Chicago,” the First Lady writes, “The winters there can be pretty harsh, but no matter how snowy or icy it got, Barack would head out into the cold — shovel in hand — to dig my car out before I went to work.”

She adds, “In all our years of marriage, he’s always looked out for me. Now, I see that same commitment every day to you and to this country.”

Why was he sending her off to drive to work in such inclement weather?!


She didn’t even say he was good at it, just that he did it. Allegedly. He probably failed at that, too. He’s not very good at that whole “shovel ready” thing. Although, he is plenty good at shoveling another substance.

Plus, it’s kind of butchy. Unless he daintily brushed the snow away, instead of wielding a shovel.

This reminds us of a favorite comparison picture.

Enough said.