Or, many people lied. And people died.

Indeed. Both Attorney General Holder and President Obama have claimed that the President knew nothing about it. Yet this morning, after months of stonewalling, executive privilege was asserted prior to a scheduled contempt hearing to avoid turning over documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious.

Is he now admitting that he knew all about it and was involved in the communications about Operation Fast and Furious?

More from Representative Gowdy’s bombshell statement.

You can read the transcript and watch the video of Rep. Gowdy (R-SC) at fastandfurious.com

Twitchy will monitor this situation and update accordingly.


Representative Gowdy’s full statement. It is a must-listen.


As Twitchy reported earlier, the executive privilege assertion seems to be backfiring and showing more complicit corruption.


Well, in this case it seems to be the crime and the cover-up.

Even the lapdog media is now reporting on it.


Update: Others agreeing with Representative Gowdy.


More from The Heritage Foundation:

As Holder surely knew all these past months, there is no privilege that exists between Congress and the executive branch to withhold documents except the constitutional executive privilege, which is based on the separation of powers. For example, the attorney-client privilege does not exist between Congress and the executive branch because they have the same client—the American people. Holder also knew that executive privilege does not attach to documents automatically. It can be asserted only by the President or with his direct approval. It can be waived; indeed it should be waived in many or most instances when Congress needs the information for its legislative functions. So the slated House committee vote to hold Holder in contempt today was unfortunately necessary to get him to at least reconsider his lawless course of stonewalling.

In a desperate attempt to prevent the contempt vote in the last few hours, Holder asked President Obama to invoke executive privilege to shield these 1,300 pages of documents from Congress, and the President apparently agreed to do so. Yet that is not the end of the story. Even if properly involved, the Supreme Court has made clear that executive privilege is not absolute. DOJ must provide an explanation why all those documents fit one of the recognized categories of executive privilege. It is questionable whether they all are legitimately subject to executive privilege, for several reasons.

Read the whole thing. Again, in the cases of Holder, Obama and Operation Fast and Furious, could it be the crime and the cover-up?

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