Truth to power, baby. The firestorm continues as MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell doubled-down today by refusing to denounce  the deceptively edited “Wawa video.” She also did not apologize for her blatant lack of integrity. Earlier today, Twitter users taught CNN’s Howard Kurtz a thing or two about “real journalism.” Now, they are continuing to try to school the rest of the media.

Citizens have had enough of the press acting as a Democrat propaganda machine.

They have had enough of being fed lies by the alleged press. They are absolutely sick and tired of all the false narratives created and pushed by media outlets.

They are fed up with being falsely charged as “racist” for daring to even question the Obama administration.

On the plus side, more and more are no longer fooled. MSNBC, for example, has tipped their own hand too far. They’ve “leaned forward” so much that they have tipped over and exposed themselves.

#MSNBCin4Words sums it all up.

And the winners:

Bingo. Thank goodness for those fighting for truth and accuracy.

Because, clearly, the mainstream media will not.

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