Kidding! Or is he? It is time for a 5,000 word expose on Romney and Wawa stores, no? You see, candidate Mitt Romney visited a Wawa recently and found it totally amazeballs.

But, really, who wouldn’t? Wawa rules.

No, no. #TeamWawa!


This earth-shattering event sparked a great Wawa vs. Sheetz debate.

Oh, no. Don’t try to start a TJ Maxx vs. Loehmann’s debate, Charlie!

The press, of course, began to breathlessly report it as if it was a most pressing issue of our time.


Other Twitter users were amused by the Wawa diversion and actually found Romney’s amazement kind of endearing.

Score! The Wawa voting bloc is strong. Perhaps that is why #Wawa is currently trending.

See? He’s you.

Exactly. Their side is not “doing fine.”

Update: BOOM

More from SooperMexican:

Today it’s being widely reported that Romney had a moment were he was amazed at the existence of WAWAs, a convenience/gas store, and the electronic touchtone ordering of sandwiches. They have spun this to make it seem like he’s out of touch – BUT THE VIDEO IS EDITED DECEPTIVELY …

… In actuality, Mitt was contrasting the ridiculous over-regulation of the public sector, with the efficiency of the private sector, and used the electronic ordering system at WAWAs as an example – here’s the FULL video from a Ron Paulestinian in the crowd.

Head over to SooperMexican to see the full, unedited video.

Nice job! You know, for “just a blogger.

Yep. Exposing themselves yet again.