President Obama celebrated Father’s Day by playing his 100th round of golf. Man of the people! Of course, non-sycophants everywhere noticed that this was, perhaps, a tad out of touch. The media? Shaddup, rubes! There’s nothing to see here. Move along. And move along quietly, because there is a golf game in progress. Shhh!

From the Washington Post.

If you like the President, you are almost certain to see golf as a much-needed moment of catharsis for a man who, literally, has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Obama himself has said that golfing makes him “almost feel normal” and that “it’s the only time for six hours…that I’m outside.”

(Sidebar: The Fix is a big believer in exercise as catharsis. If we didn’t play pickup basketball a few times a week — at least — we would be intolerable. Or more intolerable than we already are.)

Can’t he just finish his waffle? And his backswing? The weight of the world is on his shoulders: Literally. Um. We don’t think the Washington Post knows what “literally” means. But, anyway, he has celebrity fundraisers and $40,000 per plate dinners to attend!

The cooing extra step of the sidebar note is a nice water-carrying touch, Washington Post.

The same Washington Post writer doubled down with a hilarious article asking if success is possible for any president. Because, partisanship! Egads, people have firm convictions that differ from Leftist beliefs? Stop. The. Presses. He was mocked roundly for that, which was of course just another attempt to paint any Obama critics as meany pants.

Next comes the ever inane NPR, our tax dollars at work.

NPR, of course, tries to pass the buck. Or, the club. From the NPR article:

Obama is not close to being the most frequent duffer among presidents, though. One of them is probably no surprise. But the man at No. 1 may be. According to Good Morning America:

“That title falls to Woodrow Wilson, who reportedly played about 1,200 rounds during his presidency. Dwight Eisenhower is the runner-up at 800, according to his memorial commission.”

See, rubes? No biggie. All the cool presidents did it.

On a hilarious note, David Axelrod admits that President Obama is totally out of touch.

Your own words sting, don’t they, Axelrod?

The Associated Press weighs in with a drool bucket-worthy article about President Obama’s “relaxing golf get-away.” Squee!

Twitter users who aren’t easily fleeced by the lapdog media express their own opinions on the President’s milestone.


Aww. Call the waaah-mbulance. The CBS article offers an interesting tidbit, however: Some insight into the most transparent administration evah.

“I was hot. I was smoking ’em,” said Clinton of scoring 79 at the par-72 course on Coronado Island.

We don’t ever hear about Mr. Obama’s scores on the golf course. And only rarely does the White House permit the press to get a photograph of the president on the links. During the Clinton presidency, such photo ops were routine.

Different times, different presidents, different rules.

To President Obama, rules need not apply. But caddies are welcome to.