Indeed. Everyone has the right to be stupid, but Sam Donaldson proved this weekend that he totally abuses that privilege. As Twitchy reported on Friday, The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro caused a huge kerfuffle for daring to ask President Obama a question. You know, like an actual reporter. This resulted in much pearl-clutching and, of course, the immediate throwing down of the race card by the usual suspects like MSNBC.

Pearl-clutching met race card in the extreme in the form of Sam Donaldson, who absurdly said that Rush Limbaugh and the ominous and shadowy “right wing” oppose President Obama not for his policies, but for the color of his skin. He then went on to offensively say that they encourage disrespect for this president. Because, racist.

Rush Limbaugh correctly called out Sam Donaldson. Sam. Donaldson. “Disrespectful” pot, meet kettle.

Aww. Poor Sam Donaldson doesn’t like pesky old facts and truth. It’s journalism only when a Republican president is asked a question, natch.

More from Newsbusters:

Limbaugh responded to this nonsense by email moments ago:

“Sam’s premise, sadly, is ignorant, simplistic, clichéd, predictable and wrong. The President’s ideas are what I oppose, not his skin color, which I couldn’t care less about. He’s the President of the United States and his race does not inoculate or immunize him from substantive critique.”

We couldn’t have said it any better.

Neither could we. The true racists are people like Mr. Donaldson, who judge people solely on the color of their skin and not on their characters nor actions.

Twitter users can’t believe Donaldson’s gall.

Huh. Looks like Ronald Reagan was really our Historic First Black President ™, huh?

Seriously. Luckily, Twitter users are never at a loss for words.

He is still  mumbling incoherently, evidently.

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