Twitter users react to the news.


Did they give up on the “hip” attempts? Now shooting for family man meme. Well, in between all the fundraisers and golfing.

Will Mayor Bloomberg make an appearance extolling the virtues of her veggies and slamming our yummy sodas? Stay tuned!

We wonder if FLOTUS is aware that Pinterest is totally sexist and not feminist and stuff?

Pinterest is sexist….against women. Seriously, that’s the position of Victoria Pynchon who says:

Pinterest Frames Women’s Interests within Tight Gender Boundaries

Go on over to Pinterest and try to find a category for business, marketing, management, entrepreneurism, politics, activism, reproductive choices, negotiation, finance, investing, law, consulting, journalism, or pretty much anything having to do with women working for a living.

This is, in a word, ridiculous.

Whoops! Time to hand in your “feminist” card, Mrs. Obama!

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