After tweeting with Senator Reid about the Pacquiao decision, Senator McCain then took up the #farmporkbill hashtag. He announced a forthcoming top ten list.

This caused some Twitter users to snarkily question if the senator was personally tweeting from the account.

Senator McCain is known for top ten lists; this isn’t the first time he has used Twitter to sarcastically complain about pending bills. In 2009, he tweeted about the top ten porkiest projects. Maverick! And stuff.

And here are his “top ten” tweets on the #FarmPorkBill.

Twitchy will update with the top 2 when Senator McCain tweets them out. He wasn’t kidding when he said “in the next hour.”

In the meantime, Twitter users are picking up what Senator McCain is putting down.

And a mockable tweet from a Twitter liberal.

Please mock that, Senator. Mock like the wind!