As Twitchy reported this morning, Commerce Secretary Bryson was involved in a felony hit-and-run accident on Saturday. It has been reported that he suffered a seizure, but that cannot be confirmed.

A history of seizures has also been reported.

During Press Secretary Carney’s briefing today, reporters pressed him on the issues. Carney stonewalled and passed off all questions to the Commerce Department. Evidently, the most transparent administration ever does not have its story straight yet.

Distract and pass the buck!

Further, Carney claimed that President Obama was not even made aware of the accident until this morning. That seems a bit suspect or a bit disturbing. Isn’t this something the President of the United States should be made aware of? While the White House routinely keeps the press in the dark, shouldn’t President Obama not be in the dark? What in the heck are those 3 a.m. phone calls for if not to advise the President of the United States that his Commerce Secretary was involved in what could be a felony hit-and-run?

He’s probably “doing fine.”

Update:  Bryson is taking a medical leave of absence.