As Twitchy reported on Saturday, Al Gore deleted an “inconvenient tweet” in reference to Senator Brown’s shameful behavior toward Dana Loesch. This morning, Ms. Loesch tweeted more information about the exchange with Senator Brown.

See, asking questions doesn’t suit. Dissent once patriotic is now Crimethink.

How dare a citizen ask an elected official about his stances and record? Senator Brown (D-Ohio) is a perfect example of the shameful hubris often exhibited by those entrenched in the beltway. Editor and CNN contributor Dana Loesch went on to describe the kerfuffle further.

Bingo. This is reminiscent of former Congressman Bob Etheridge who lost to Renee Ellmers last go-round. He was caught on tape man-handling people who had the audacity to, you know, question the man elected to represent them. Like Etheridge, Senator Brown is another clear-cut example of the arrogance of those Smarter Than You politicians who have been firmly entrenched in their Washington, D.C. ivory towers.

The sneering contempt that they feel for their own constituents is palpable and is clearly exposed during altercations like this.

Twitter users attempt to teach Senator Brown a much-needed lesson while encouraging him to accept Dana Loesch’s challenge.

Bingo. Ohioans need to show Mr. Brown the consequences of the error of his ways come November.

More to come from Ms. Loesch. Twitchy will update accordingly.