To be fair, pretty much anything is dangerous in the hands of union thugs. Actually dangerous to democracy? Unions and their bullying and corrupt tactics.

Speaking of which, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka was on “Face the Nation” this morning.

As his commentary there indicates, he woke up on the cuckoo pants side of the bed this morning.

Twitter was there to help him out.

Truth. So hard!

We suppose he forgot about that whole local thing. .

Yes. Not everyone in the entire country is a Julia, floundering and helpless without Big Daddy Government there to save them. People actually can function on their own and in their local municipalities.

Ha! They can’t question things while pandering and trying to push false narratives!

It was not challenged when he said it last week, either. He just doubled-down today. After Governor Walker’s win, CNN reported that Richard Trumka said the following:

“Adding to this gargantuan challenge of recalling only the third governor in American history was the flood of secret corporate cash distorting our democracy — a dangerous example of a post-Citizens United America,” AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka said in a statement after the vote, referring to the Supreme Court decision that allowed unlimited political contributions from corporations and unions.

That icky freedom thing again!

No challenge. Not even a challenge on the “secret corporate cash.” He must be referring to those same “shadowy groups” that President Obama warned about. *Cue super scary organ music.* Once again, Twitter users challenged that themselves last week.

Wait for the media? Don’t hold your breaths.