Oh, well. Good momentum. Probably from all the headwinds.

President Obama frantically tried to backpedal his ludicrous “the private sector is doing fine” statement from this morning, after being deservedly clobbered with it all day. Attempts at spin from the usual suspects had failed, so President Obama had to let himself be clear about not being clear when he was trying to be clear. Or something. Economics is hard! Thingamajigs!

Poor Melanie Roussell, the Democratic National Committee’s press secretary, had busily tried to spin it on Twitter all day.

Oh, dear. Reminding people of Mitt Romney’s accurate depiction of Obama as detached and out of touch was not wise, Melanie. Nor was the absurd talk of the jobs bill. You see, the Democrats are sitting on multiple jobs bills offered by the Republicans.

Try to keep up.

You won’t like him when he’s angry! How dare anyone call him on his incompetence and absurd claims?

Gadzooks! How are they going to be able to carry water with egg on their faces?

Twitter isn’t letting the President get away with his forced retraction.

Bingo! Obamanomics are not “doing just fine.”

Backpedal fail, Mr. President.