The Obama administration’s proposed budget has deep cuts for NASA funding. NASA is taking to the kitchen and the streets in order to draw attention to the drastic cuts. Bake sales, car washes and more are planned for tomorrow nationwide.

More from Yahoo! News:

Scientists are trading telescopes for aprons this week to sell Milky Way cupcakes, Saturn cake, and chocolate chip Opportunity cookies in an effort to salvage U.S. planetary science projects.

The 2013 budget proposal submitted by the Obama administration earlier this year would cut funding for NASA‘s planetary science projects by about $300 million. While Congress is still deliberating over the federal budget, groups of scientists are planning a series of demonstrations — in the form of bake sales, car washes and other events — for Saturday (June 9) to plead their case.

Though planet-studying spacecraft usually cost millions, or even billions, of dollars, every penny helps. That’s the reasoning behind the Planetary Exploration Car Wash and Bake Sale to be held by University of Central Florida students and professors who hope to sway lawmakers into providing more money for studying the solar system. It is one of nearly 20 planned demonstrations for Saturday at sites across the country, organizers said.

“We’re not asking for more of the pie, we’re asking for less of a bite out of the pie,” Laura Seward, a graduate student at the university who organized the event, said in a statement. “A strong robotic planetary exploration program is essential for a strong human planetary exploration program.”

Nice touch using Obama’s own “piece of the pie” wording against him. Well done!

We suppose Obama thinks NASA has enough “thingamajigs.”

Groan! We still giggled, though.

Twitter users are upset that NASA must resort to this to draw attention to its needs, but most are giving NASA props for originality.

Yes. Well done, scientists!