Loud and proud and … on their fridge? Why does Barack Obama want women barefoot and in the kitchen?

From BarackObama.com:

President Obama stood up for women—from fighting for equal pay to protecting a woman’s right to choose and cracking down on gender discrimination in health care.

Let everyone know you’ve got his back this November—get your free Women for Obama bumper sticker.

Oooh, lucky ladies! You get to “have his back.” Just make sure you walk three steps behind him. If you can manage walking all on your very own, that is, Julias.

Self-professed “feminist” Ashley Judd proudly declares herself a stooge.

Non-stooges weigh in.

You’ve come a long way, baby. Let yourself be used as hapless tools for the Left’s anti-woman agenda and someone else’s political gain?

How empowering.

Update: He doubles down on the use and subjugation of women this afternoon.

Now you must promise and pledge (fealty) to him. What, no obey?

Conservative women refuse to be used.

Or, is he claiming he will promise things to the women he pats on the head and calls purty? Oh, our aching sides! That has turned out so well.