The House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on Operation Fast and Furious this morning. Prior to the hearing, Darrell Issa called on Holder to “lead or resign.”

Twitchy is following the proceedings for you as well.

Attorney General Holder immediately stonewalled and, of course, tried to pass the blame on President Bush.

President Bush, evidently, is to be blamed for everything in the entire world in perpetuity. Does his wizard wand of evil have no bounds?!

Clearly, Eric Holder’s disdain for truth also has no bounds.

Attorney General Holder then disgustingly pulled the victim card. No thought or concern for the actual victims, of course. Only for himself.

More lies and stonewalling.

Aided by Sheila Jackson-Lee? Criminy.

Twitchy will continue to monitor the hearing and will update accordingly.

Update: The irony is strong in this one.

The hemming and hawing continues.

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) hammers hard.

Hank “Guam will tip over” Johson (D-Ga.) blames “Tea party radicals” and guns, natch. Also, the cuckoo pants is endless.

More nonsensical blame gaming from Holder.

Citzens are doing the job the Attorney General won’t do.

Representative Poe is also hammering hard.

Holder’s incompetence is staggering and beyond dangerous.



A lack of a moral compass makes it easy for Democrats to put nonsense above actual lives.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz, taking no prisoners.

UPDATE: Unbelievable.

“It depends on what the definition of ‘fast and furious’ is.”

Again, a citizen getting the facts. Will the mainstream media? Doubtful.

Bravely running away.

Representative Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) clobbers Holder with pesky ethics.

Tough questioning from Republicans, nonsense tool-ish “questioning” from Democrats.


Congresswoman Adams (R-Fla.) fights like a girl for us all.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s staggering and dangerous incompetence continues to be clearly exposed.

UPDATE: Media reportedly ignoring today’s hearing. Surprise! Not.

More absurd Democrat “questioning” and irony.

And stompy foot hissy fits.

Kudos to the House committee and Representative Darrell Issa.

Update: Hearing wraps up. The sane are not satisfied.

Yes. We all should see November from this hearing.

Final words on Attorney General Holder.