Oh, my! As Twitchy reported earlier, Bill Clinton contradicted President Obama by speaking out in favor of extending the Bush tax cuts. But, wait, there’s more!

More from Politico:

In the member vs. member fight in New Jersey 9th congressional district that has turned into a proxy battle between President Obama and former President Bill Clinton, the Clinton backed candidate prevails. From the AP:

Rep. Bill Pascrell has won the Democratic primary for New Jersey’s 9th Congressional District, defeating Rep. Steve Rothman.

President Obama supported Rothman. Whoops!

Oh, dear! This all comes on the heels of former President Clinton’s enthusiastic remarks praising … Mitt Romney. Failed Obama surrogate or crazy like a fox sabotage? You decide.

Clinton doubled-down today by saying he is not a part of Obama’s campaign and he had “no idea it was bad to defend Romney on Bain.” Gadzooks, Bubba! Did he not see what happened to Cory Booker and Harold Ford when they defended Romney and Bain? Time for another hostage watch alert?

Twitter users and even some media outlets are giggling madly at this turn of events. A tale of two egos and the result is giggle-snorts galore.