Oh, Soros monkey, aren’t you precious? Everyone hated Michelle Obama’s “Top Ten” list on Letterman. Everyone with actual taste and discernment rather than blind loyalty, that is.


The sane have a different view.

More from Mediaite:

Speaking from the White House Map Room, Obama informed us that, “In his lifetime, the average American will eat half a radish.” On the topic of icky vegetables, we also learned that eggplants were originally cultivated for a better purpose: door stops.

The list got more enlightening from there. For example, did you know the “largest zucchini ever grown contained a Starbucks”? On a more serious note, Obama turned to the Supreme Court, which, later this year, “will finally rule on ‘tomato’ vs. ‘tomahto.’”

And what was number one? “With enough care and effort, you can grow your own Barack-oli.”

Groan. We are politely averting our eyes.

Exit question from a Twitter user.

Duh. Of course! Isn’t absolutely everything?