A typical woman? Or a “typical white woman” like his grandma?

Here is a pro-tip for  you, Mr. President. Simply putting “fact” in front of something, doesn’t make it true. Fact apparently doesn’t mean what you think it means. Neither does truth.

Voting on the Paycheck Fairness Act took place today and the Democrats have been out in force lie-pushing all day long.

Conservatives continue to push back against the lies and against this blatant use and abuse of women. Women are not pawns, Democrats.

The “Fact Checker” at The Washington Post even admits Obama isn’t very, you know, factual. Of course, it still only gives him one Pinocchio, even after admitting nearly every word out of his mouth is a lie.

With so many choices of data, from legitimate sources, it is no wonder that the White House would choose the data set that best makes its case that the gender gap is large. But the president’s phrasing — “Women still earn just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns”— suggests it is much more a straight line comparison of wages when in fact the results in the annual data may stem from other factors.

It would have been better for the president to have used a range, or perhaps say “as little as 77 cents.” Moreover, he could have acknowledged that some women make lifestyle choices that reduce their wages over the course of the year. By all accounts, there is a wage gap, but it has declined dramatically over the decades — and depending on how the data are viewed, in some cases it barely exists.

In addition, the administration should be much more transparent about the fact that it is comparing the wages of female minorities with the wages of white men. It is not apparent in the public statements.
One Pinocchio

More lies.

Um, Harry? As Twitchy informed you earlier, the Democrats in Washington do not pay equally.

You seem to think it is, Democrats. Grow up and stop using women as your toys.

The war on women is perpetrated by the Left and always has been. Every belief they espouse, every agenda they push and every policy they put forth is harmful to all. That includes women, Ms. Boxer. Women aren’t some magical separate group who don’t count as, you know, people.

After the vote, the President continued with his constant use of women. Conservatives weren’t having any of it.

Silly women! Let Barack Obama pat you on your purty little heads. And go make him a sammich, Julias!

No, they don’t want a law that is harmful to everyone, including women. Try to keep up. It is a wonder what one can learn when one thinks for herself and refuses to be treated like a perpetual victim. That’s empowerment, baby.