An atrocious jobs report was released this morning, as President Obama jaunts off to yet another campaign stop. Laser. Like. Focus.

One of the fifty-seven states!

Follow the spin attempt from the campaigner in chief along with Twitchy. We’ll update as new remarks and on the scene tweets come in.


More laser like focus…on himself.

Yes. The work of getting you out of office.

Class warfare alert! Rich people are fine, though, if they can cough up $50,000 per plate for a fundraising dinner.

Sigh. Tired and lame blame-gaming. Dude, the buck stops here.

Smartest. Man. Alive.

Uh. He has a “to do” list and everything!

Oh, dear.

More “to do” list! Problems solved. Via Post-it.

This includes President Obama.

Pesky reasoning!

Same old, same old. Who really cares about jobs when Obama has a campaign to run?!

Has never made a payroll in his life. Plus, thinking about real life outside of an ivory tower is hard!

Delicious snap.