Will they or won’t they? There is much speculation surrounding the trial of John Edwards, former Democrat nominee for Vice President. The narcissist John Edwards who always talks about “two Americas,” only he forgets to mention that it is one where people are faithful to their cancer-stricken wives. And the other, where people try to cover up and pay-off their pregnant mistresses.

He is on trial charged with six counts of violating federal election laws, alleged to have used  campaign contributions to cover up his affair and his pregnant mistress. More from The New York Times:

He is being tried on six felony charges, four involving whether he accepted illegal campaign contributions. He also faces charges of conspiracy and making false statements.

The government contends that Mr. Edwards knowingly accepted nearly $1 million from two wealthy donors and used it to hide his affair with Rielle Hunter and the daughter the couple conceived. Ms. Hunter once made videos for Mr. Edwards’s campaign.

The money was used to support Ms. Hunter, the baby and Andrew Young, a campaign aide who claimed paternity, as they spent months traveling to cities like Santa Barbara, Calif., and Aspen, Colo., trying to hide from the news media.

Because the information would have surely torpedoed Mr. Edwards’s campaign, the government argues that the money was a campaign contribution and its use a conspiracy.

The defense contends that the payment was largely a scam by Mr. Young and his wife, Cheri, to siphon hundreds of thousands of dollars from the banking heiress Rachel Mellon to build a $1.5 million house in Chapel Hill.

Other payments went to cover the medical expenses of Ms. Hunter and to keep Mr. Edwards’ affair with her secret. Mr. Edwards went along with this plan, a defense lawyer said, to avoid humiliation for himself and his wife, Elizabeth. (Elizabeth Edwards died of breast cancer in December 2010.)

If he is convicted on all six counts, Mr. Edwards, 58, faces up to 30 years in prison and $1.5 million in fines.

The jury has been deliberating for days.

The jury was deadlocked and was sent back to deliberate yet again earlier today.

Twitchy will monitor and update as soon as a verdict comes in. In the meantime, Twitter users are amusing themselves during the wait.



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UPDATE: Edwards speaking live.

Twitter puts politics aside and is united in not wanting to hear him. Of course, the Left didn’t mind hearing him when he was their nominee for vice president.

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