As usual, Twitter is prescient.

They correctly assumed the press would try to make hay over “birtherism” and Donald Trump, since he’s campaigning with Mitt Romney. Print media started early.

Hmm. It’s funny how some people must disavow thoughts, however absurd, and others get a pass on having to disavow, you know, terrorist acts.

Plus, distract. Distract like the wind!

And continue to try to paint the GOP as full of weirdo wingnutty wingnuts with nutty wings.

Stop stomping on their false narrative pushing and the caricatures they have painted in their own heads. Sheesh!

Trump was on CNN this afternoon and host Wolf Blitzer, of course, tried to focus on the “birther” stuff. Trump? Wasn’t having it.

Best thing EVER or BEST thing ever?

Thank goodness! Greatest interview ever. Alas, it was too much to hope for a George Will slam as well.

His Twitter feed was actually totally on point this afternoon, some tweeted while the kerfuffle with Wolf Blitzer was happening. Multitasking!

At the end of the interview, he should have yanked off his microphone and shouted “The Donald OUT.”

Unbiased media! Sigh.