Oh, dear. The cuckoo pants is strong in this one.

Also, why is it always “progressives” who automatically run right to “alternative lifestyles” as an insult? Thought we were all supposed to be tolerant and enlightened and all? Plus, mocking the sharing of clothing isn’t very “green” of her.

She’s miffed at Rush Limbaugh for being far more successful and influential than she is. Now he’s even stealing her feminist thunder with Rush Babes for America.  Hence, her hissy fit. She retweeted this right before her little spanky spanky cuckoo talk.

FYI, femme-agogues: It’s not a sexual reference. If anything, it would be a “get out of sex” reference. Don’t you want to empower women with a choice? Sheesh.

But it’s not even that. It is a way to let women know that NOW is irrelevant, worthless and a waste  of time. Kudos, Rush Babes!

And Roseanne? Put the bong down. It’s a long weekend.