Action Vice President of NOW, Erin Matson, made it quite clear that her denouncement of Hustler’s misogynist attack against S.E. Cupp was just a way for “feminists” to cover their own behinds, as predicted. Ms. Matson is merely following the shameless and phony lead of the Women’s Media Center. She was clearly shamed into saying something and then was bitter because of that. As indicated above, after her faux condemnation, she twists things around to denounce supporters of Ms. Cupp.

Leave it at that? Transparent, but still. Nope. She had to get in digs, furious at having to faux defend a “gender traitor.” The rah-rah sisterhood isn’t so full of spirit when there is a conservative woman involved.

What? The Left’s entire modus operandi is personal attacks, punitive shaming and attempted marginalizing by dehumanization. All in attempt to shut people up. Twitter users set her straight.

National NOW has yet to cave to the shaming and issue a faux condemnation. Instead, they are thanking people for following them. Because that is what’s important. For the women!

Some Twitter users are still trying to hold NOW’s useful idiot feet to the fire by using the #WhereisNOW hashtag.

Stop, there is no need. Not only does it wrongly give them credence and allow them to claim the mantle of speaking for women, the answer is obvious.

Where is NOW? At the bottom of the trash heap of obscurity and irrelevance.


The Vice President of NOW doesn’t like that the internet is permanent. She’s being demonized by mean old Twitchy.

She is being demonized? By her own words.