Poor David Shuster is throwing an attention seeking hissy fit again. Brett Baier’s “shameful” report, according to the Soros-monkeys at Media Matters?

BRET BAIER (host): Arizona’s Secretary of State Ken Bennett says he has been asking for two months for Hawaiian officials to prove President Obama was born there. Hawaiian officials won’t budge until Bennett satisfies a number of requirements, and both sides disagree about whether he has actually done it.

Bennett says he might remove President Obama from the ballot in Arizona if the proof doesn’t arrive from Hawaii soon, a move Democratic critics say is politically calculated and aimed at capturing support from a fridge group of Republicans as Bennett weighs a run for governor. Bennett says he is not quote “a birther” but wants to clear up the issue for concerned Arizonans.

Uh. It’s news. He reported on it. That’s what, you know, actual journalists do. They don’t take it upon themselves to decide what is relevant or not like the lapdog media does.

Of course, David Shuster was just trying to garner favor with Lefty loons, who lapped it up.


What, no hilarious “Faux News?”


Raaaaaacist!!!1111 Sigh. So tiresome. Get a new line.

Those who still have functioning brain cells of their very own disagreed.


Yep. If it doesn’t suit a Lefty false narrative, then it isn’t news!



Heh. Bingo! How’s that Current TV gig going, David? Ouch! Leave the reporting to the big boys, toots.