It’s Cher’s birthday today. Wonder if she will let out the breath she’s holding so as not to breathe the same air as “tea baggers” long enough to blow out her birthday candles?

More celebrity birthday wishes come in.!/MarloThomas/status/204194772028624897!/TheEllenShow/status/204222843809038339!/thestevendavid/status/204223955379294209

Cher tweeted out picture of her birthday toes.!/cher/status/203774063980711936

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Shocking that she could take her foot out of her mouth long enough to do so. She is coincidently celebrating her 66th birthday not long after accusing Grover Norquist of having ‘666’ on his forehead. He responded:!/GroverNorquist/status/203694354483789825

Waiting for Donald Trump to weigh in!

Update: The disgusting Kathy Griffin offers birthday wishes.!/kathygriffin/status/204303174004252672