The press continues their role as good little lapdogs by constantly trying to create an issue with Mitt Romney’s Mormonism. Not only is this bigoted itself, but it is fomenting bigotry. Twitter was onto the press in this regard ages ago, but that hasn’t stopped them from continuously running with heavily biased articles that insinuate “oh, look at those cuckoo pants Mormons!”

They want to push that narrative and Democrats are gladly following their lead, already being bigoted themselves. The latest hateful example is North Carolina Democrat state representative Alma Adams who said that Romney will “struggle because he can have multiple wives.!/ewrobinson1/status/203530863697346560!/deadlyestrogen/status/203526663525507072!/DesertScene/status/203589811565637632

Weird, huh?

It’s weird how the press doesn’t report on the fact that it is only Democrats who have this discriminatory religious issue. Instead, they feed into it by running a gazillion “dude, it’s totally like  Big Love” and “polygamy and cults and ZOMG Mormons” articles.

Democrats are trying to flee from Adams.!/PaulBegala/status/203521094811000832!/woodhouseb/status/203538748506509312

But that’s all a front, as was her faux-pology.!/PeterHambyCNN/status/203538657288785920

They know that they can rely on their buddies in the mainstream media to do their bigoted dirty work for them.!/tricityjdw/status/203556763050586114!/jbmesser53/status/203544933292982273!/BrettaApplebaum/status/203508687355129857!/keder/status/203268596187676673!/keder/status/203268659769122817

Bingo. There are even outright threats from alleged journalists.!/StreetRebuttal/status/203265952035508225

And Chuck Todd accuses Romney of “bullying” because he won’t let the press foment bigotry against Mormons.!/CindyCoops/status/203545119348105217!/edbass56/status/203574412576964608

Montana Governor, Democrat Brian Schweitzer grossly slammed Mormonism last month with the media’s blessing. They are trying to feed into bigotry to aid The One.

What’s a little fomenting of hate so long as it aids President Obama’s election campaign? The lapdog media at work.