The Obama campaign is keeping reporters away from Joe Biden, confirmed by on the ground journalists.!/joevardon/status/203155342216015872!/joevardon/status/203155489960366080

Yesterday, the Left — and reporters (redundant) — made a fuss over being prevented from asking questions at a Romney event.  Will they apply the same standards to the most transparent administration evah?!/EmilyABC/status/203156203277258752!/TPCarney/status/203166609693618176

Here are just some of the stories that reporters wrote yesterday; will they do the same regarding Team Obama?

Politico – Emily Schultheis:  “Romney camp says volunteers blocking reporters was an ‘error’”
National Journal:  “Romney Campaign Seeks to Restrict Media Access‎”
New York Times – Michael Barbaro and Ashley Parker: “Romney Camp Tries to Limit Reporters’ Access, and Rope Line Ruckus Erupts”
Los Angeles Times – Maeve Reston:  “Romney campaign calls reporter restrictions a staff ‘error’”
Boston Globe – Callum Borchers:  “Mitt Romney uses Secret Service, campaign aides to stop reporters from asking questions”
Mediabistro – Merrill Knox:  “Romney Aides Block Reporters from Rope Line at Campaign Event in Florida”
CBS News:  “Romney campaign seeks to limit press access to candidate”
Bloomberg – Jullie Hirshfield David:  “Romney Ropes Off Media to Avoid Making Unscripted Gaffes”
Uh. That’s Biden, toots.
Associated Press – Kasie Hunt:  “Romney keeps media at bay as he sticks to script”
National Review Online – Katrina Trinko:  “Romney Camp: Press Wasn’t Supposed to Be Blocked From Rope Line”
Daily Beast:  “Romney Campaign Shuts Out Press”
Huffington Post – Michael Calderone:  “Romney Campaign Admits ‘Error’ After Reporters Blocked At Event”
Political Ticker/CNN – Jim Acosta: Romney aides, Secret Service block press from event rope line
Kerry Picket reminds us of the time Joe Biden locked a reporter in the closet. Biden wants reporters to stay in the closet; don’t ask or tell. H8R.!/KerryPicket/status/203178849507356672