Call the waaahm-bulance. Oliver Willis took issue with a Twitchy post that pointed out that the most transparent adminstration EVAH was confiscating cell phones and that Media Matters “research fellow” Oliver Willis thought that was hunky-dory. He is now pulling a Joan Walsh and whining about being smeared … by pesky old facts and reason. And like Joan, he shows how much he doesn’t care about us by, you know, caring about us:

So Michelle Malkin’s latest online venture is a website called Twitchy, which provides a service nobody in the world asked for by aggregating right-wing themed stories using tweets. Literally, nobody wanted this to exist but there it is on the Internet.

It will probably last for a maximum of three years, but yesterday the site went after me. Low hanging fruit, indeed.

You can practically see him throwing himself down on his bed and frantically scrawling in his tear-stained diary, can’t you? Here is a bit of advice, Oliver: If you want to pretend that you don’t care about something and you think it is irrelevant, then don’t pen whining, victim-y screeds about it. Learn the lesson that Joan should have learned.

Another tip: Dishonest doesn’t mean what you think it means. You did not refute one thing that was in the Twitchy post. Why? Because it was accurate. We know; facts are hard. That’s why you resort to the old “that icky girl is so stupid, because shut up, shut up, shut up.”

Willis even failed to garner support from his fellow Lefties, except for this classy guy.!/Osagesage/status/202615232873504768

Wow. How oh-so-clever.

Total fail, Oliver. To quote you: “But nice try.”