What to make of these pesky old polls that indicate Obama is floundering?! How can this be? What with the whole “war on women” and all. The spin starts almost immediately for some, with silence from the mainstream media.!/BuzzFeedAndrew/status/202404275991752705!/FishingwFredo/status/202426165070274560!/StarzandStrypz/status/202408857664880641

Oh, really? Wonder if he has talked to any actual women and not just composites.!/mckaycoppins/status/202404680238772224!/mckaycoppins/status/202221297873330178!/mckaycoppins/status/202211317841543168

But what about Julia! Don’t women want to be enslaved and tethered to the government from cradle to grave? Guess his attempt at pander-monium is failing miserably as well.!/Liz_Cheney/status/202373982769516544

Ms. Cheney is exactly right, as usual. To be fair, the Left can’t comprehend that because they reduce women to the sum of their girly bits only. Economics stuff? That’s for boys!!/jrstark3/status/202433181356531712!/PolitixGal/status/202430111885172736!/BrentTeichman/status/202427335939604480!/Charlenee13/status/202452688447877122

Indeed. And they won’t shaddup and make Obama sammiches.