President Obama’s commencement speech at Barnard College will address the nation and young women, because women must be separated out into some monolithic voting bloc and not included with the general population. He’s likely looking for an audience full of “Julias.” Carney also said, with what we assume was a straight face, that he wasn’t sure if President Obama saw the Newsweek cover outing him as the first gay president.!/ZekeJMiller/status/202055778083946497

That’s rich. Obama probably had it blown up so that he could gaze at it and admire himself.

New Yorkers may not be so thrilled with the pander-monium at Barnard College.!/ZekeJMiller/status/202060038481772545

But, hey, what’s some major inconvenience for everyone else so long as The One can stroke his own ego and pander like the wind?

You can follow Obama’s Barnard commencement address live on Twitter and Twitchy will report on it as it happens.!/brigidbergin/status/202054860269559809

President Obama will bring his pander-fest to The View as well.!/markknoller/status/202006158079303680

We predict the hard-hitting questions offered by the ladies at The View will be along these lines:

“Would you say that you are THE Greatest man alive or the GREATEST man alive?”

“So, about your “laser like focus” on jobs … OMG your eyes take my breath away!”

“Do you wash your clothes with Windex? Because I can see myself in your pants.”!/PreshBucci/status/202054434505764866!/MMABeatdown/status/202019796966064128!/Clarke03/status/202056286022541312

Even an Obama supporter is a bit confused by The View schedule.!/devonee_x0/status/202056914702573568

It is important … to him. Pander! Pander like the wind!

FYI, Obama’s insatiable thirst for pandering resulted in the previously booked Barnard commencement speaker, a woman, being booted from the schedule.

War on women! When you can’t run on your record, use women as pawns. Standard operating procedure for Democrats.