C-Span is offering a live stream of the address. Twitchy will monitor the commencement address and update accordingly.


Hello? Non-Julias need not apply. Thus, a woman’s college for his big commencement speech.!/brigidbergin/status/202073381447802881


It’s so cute how they think their commencement is actually about them. No, no. It’s about The One and what serves his purposes.!/Timodc/status/202068601333747714

Whoops! Yet, they cheer.!/RonniBerkeCNN/status/202075507104288768!/AnnaHolmes/status/202075484924805120

Obama in full pander gear.!/ZekeJMiller/status/202075500250796032

An alumnus isn’t as thrilled.!/Madi_Hatter/status/202075722750238720

Double Squee!!/ShalsNYC/status/202075864609980417!/charliespiering/status/202076043832594433

You’d think that was perhaps just a student, which would be somewhat more understandable. Ish. But, no. It was the chairman of the board.!/ZekeJMiller/status/202076395202019329

And, get the hurl bucket ready.!/ReginaDeCicco/status/202077703019569153

Some truth to power for the graduates.!/thenewnarrative/status/202078039134322689!/iowahawkblog/status/202034138864304130

Hurl bucket redux.!/ZekeJMiller/status/202081161370009600

Was the thrill up her leg, Chris Matthews style?!/KatrinaTrinko/status/202077868765888513

And, an “oh, honey” moment.!/ZekeJMiller/status/202078187730120706!/jeneps/status/202079204299378688

Will Obama be wearing his gay-lo? This Twitter user has another idea for Newsweek, just in case he doesn’t.!/juliemmoos/status/202080920507916288

Professors embarrass themselves.!/CADelargy/status/202083459324329984

A second Tiger Beat banquet?!/BuzzFeedJack/status/202084058933637120

A Rangel sighting. But this is totally not political.!/ZekeJMiller/status/202084357157036032

And some cashing in on Obama’s gay marriage “evolution.”!/brigidbergin/status/202084997748899840!/StevenTDennis/status/202086380753518593!/KellyO/status/202087417811972096

UPDATE: Obama takes the stage to swooning by the college president.!/ZekeJMiller/status/202086418581950464!/ananavarro/status/202087737082392577!/GrahamDavidA/status/202088010655875072

Please don’t let her release her inner “whoooo hooo” voice.

And, pander! Identity politics!!/jeneps/status/202087628256980992!/IsaacDovere/status/202087676856381441

Whoops! She forgot about that whole “war on women” thing right in Obama’s White House.!/charliespiering/status/202087960630394880

Oh dear. That’s embarrassing.!/ZekeJMiller/status/202087992280625153!/jeneps/status/202088616430800897

All women. Yet President Obama decided he is more important, so he booted the previously scheduled commencement speaker, a woman, off the agenda. Pandering to women so as to use them as pawns is more important than actual women.!/brigidbergin/status/202089808141627393

Yes, don’t worry! Obama can always make things worse.!/marianaatencio/status/202090394937327618

Thank you, Rudy Giuliani! Who fixed things after years of Democrat control.!/CuffyMeh/status/202090551523287040

Never gets old.!/ShawnaNBCNews/status/202090401694355456

Unless they are those icky “not authentic” conservative women.!/markknoller/status/202090279732396033

Uh. He just described every conservative woman.!/brigidbergin/status/202091709566423040

Again, more conservative women. They’d surely at least come up with a budget.

Pander! Good old wage gap myth.!/ZekeJMiller/status/202091916630822913

Obama is once again insulting women by talking down to them and assuming that they share only one collective brain.!/KatrinaTrinko/status/202091798670217217

This does not compute.!/newborncreature/status/202093124850425858

Um. Stylish? Also, we thought that was bad anyway, according to the press. Just ask Ann Romney’s blouse.

President Obama must be referring to his own presidency here. Unfortunately, it is the entire country paying the price for his catastrophic failures.!/ZekeJMiller/status/202093301531291648!/KatrinaTrinko/status/202092998329237504

He is a pop culture obsession. Cult of personality pot, meet kettle.!/brigidbergin/status/202095118000463874

“Typical white person” grandma. Also, hitting glass ceiling doesn’t really mean what he thinks it means.

And some race card with added bonus of gay marriage cash in card.!/ZekeJMiller/status/202095557194428416!/charliespiering/status/202095567764066304

What? How can that be? Oh yeah, because that’s totally what pander-monium is.

The president then said that “the trajectory of the country should give us hope.” Huh? Stagnant economy, horrific unemployment and out of control spending — awesome! To be fair, perhaps he meant once he loses in November.

And, he’s out — before the women to whom he is pandering even receive their degrees. To more swooning.!/ZekeJMiller/status/202096011701780482!/ZekeJMiller/status/202096211489067012!/ZekeJMiller/status/202096074826059776

This Twitter user sums up the whole speech.!/MahaRafiAtal/status/202094618152673280