The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney appeared on MSNBC with anchor Tamron Hall today and then this happened.

But, wait. The oh-so-professional and unbiased anchor didn’t just cut him off by talking over him; she cut off his microphone.

She literally silenced his speech! And yet continued to yell at him while he could not respond.

The always wrong Think Progress’ Lee Fang finds this a good thing, of course. Hey, if you can’t beat them, silence them.

The rest of Twitter? Not so much.!/jstrevino/status/201028730775277571

Here is the alleged journalist in action.You are in her house!

Silly Tim! She had a false narrative to promote, dammit, and how dare you try to sway it?

#Lapdogmedia is right.

UPDATE: Tamron Hall is trending and not in the good way.!/cactusncarolina/status/201038909235408897