After nearly losing the Democrat primary in West Virginia to an inmate, President Obama now suddenly remembers that he must have just forgotten that he actually totally hearts the coal industry.!/LachlanMarkay/status/200959148454707200

What? He’s “evolving,” you see!

Twitter was quick to point out the cheap, transparent ploy.!/RL_Miller/status/200963138642911232!/txrepublican/status/200962523669872640!/dennygirltwo/status/200930341874188288!/Shoeboxnre/status/200965425964654592

Thanks #Juddmentum! Now featuring t-shirts.!/life_edited/status/200961253173248002


Rut roh. Joe’s got some explaining to do again. Biden said that coal is the biggest threat faced; greater than terrorism and one of Nanny Bloomberg’s favorites, corn syrup.

How does this jive with Obama’s new-found love of coal?!