Democrats are in full frantic spin mode over the hilarious news that many West Virginian Democrats chose a prisoner over President Obama in their primary yesterday.

And in Indiana they must be totally bigoted against old white dudes. We’ve already established that in NC they are barbarians and bigots and such, natch.

Now, the excuse for West Virginia is the good old stand-by: Raaaaaacist!!!11eleventy!/K_Shingleton/status/200269213695344641!/RBPundit/status/200230290382258177

Naturally. When in doubt, race-bait.

It can’t possibly be about Obama and his coal industry killing policies!!/Joe_Covey/status/200241017247641600!/Sarahtonin0/status/200266243545116673!/txantimedia/status/200248311360405506!/jneeley78/status/200203001485463553!/SBroadie/status/200236009009582080!/andysere/status/200231961950830593!/Stacy_Mott/status/200064566359621633

Try talking to real people sometimes, Democrats, instead of just rushing to paint good, honest people as racists.

Oh, and here’s a little history lesson.!/OrinocoPat/status/200273791778160640