So, President Obama is to give an interview to ABC’s Robin Roberts today on his position, or lack thereof, on gay marriage. Hmm. Funny how this is happening after the North Carolina Amendment One passage, huh? Weird! By weird, we of course mean pandering.!/ZekeJMiller/status/200221422944124928!/MattCover/status/200223199848435713

Could get interesting, but we wonder if the press will report on this. If, of course, the President actually clarifies his views instead of talking about the Policy Which Shall Not Be Named ™.!/gabrielmalor/status/200222388200280064

Funny, even his position on explaining his position is ‘evolving.’!/ZekeJMiller/status/200223156848431104

Dude, total diss.

As usual, President Obama is stringing along gay people to use them for his own end.!/HatingBreitbart/status/200225318206844928!/RyanLizza/status/200215582828789760

Huh. How convenient. Gutsy call, Mr. President!